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CANPREV Prenatal Multi

CANPREV Prenatal Multi

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a pregnancy and your increased nutritional needs is an important detail you won’t want to miss. Before you even conceive, your naturopathic or family doctor will likely recommend taking a good quality prenatal multivitamin like CanPrev’s Prenatal Multi.

Prenatal multivitamins are different from regular multivitamins. They’re specifically formulated to prepare your body for pregnancy to support the developing nutritional needs of you and your fetus. They contain more folic acid to help prevent spina bifida (a condition impacting the spine) and anencephaly (a brain and skull defect) that can happen early in pregnancy when the neural tube and spine don’t fuse properly.

Prenatal vitamins typically also contain more iron than standard multivitamins. Iron supports fetal growth and development and helps prevent anemia, a condition where the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells. Some research also suggests that prenatal vitamins reduce the risk of low birth weight.

CanPrev’s Prenatal Multi is specially formulated with nutrients critical for those who are pregnant and nursing. It provides 24 vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and a gentle form of iron to support the developing nutritional needs of both mother and fetus. Prenatal Multi helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily, prior to and during early pregnancy and aids in the development of tissues, red blood cells, and bones.

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